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Ken Alexander and Art History+blogs

Ken Alexander
Here's the deal. Ken Alexander, the Art Department chair (Humanities chair too, but I won't get into that.) is a brilliant teacher and a true student of Art History. But the whole internet/blog thing... well, let's just say if it wasn't in the Renaissance, it may be outside his realm of expertise.

But, he's trying. He just gave me this to post. Sure, it's just kind of an ad, and doesn't have a drop of the required snark a good blog posts needs, but he's trying, and that's what's important. So let's all be encouraging, OK?

What is Art History?
Funny you should ask… I was just thinking about that. Art, plus history! Whoa! That must be it. Like bacon and eggs, you could eat them separately, but they’re so much better together. The Art Department at LMC offers art history of course… we couldn’t show our faces to other community colleges if we didn’t. Unlike many of them though, we don’t jam, cram and slam big chunks of art and history into one or two bags, like some crazed grocery store bagger. We package our goodies into four separate classes that guarantee that your Oreos won’t be pulverized and your tomatoes won’t look like they jumped out of a window. So take the time and try our stuff:

ART 6 visits the cultures of the world from “Prehistoric through Ancient” times among the Egyptians, Greek and Romans;
ART 7 spends quality time with “Medieval and Renaissance” knights, kings, monks and social-climbing bankers who paid for some of the world’s most inspiring art and architecture;
ART 8 looks a lot more familiar as we start and end in “Modern” times with Neo-Classicists, Romantics, Impressionists, and Cubists; and, last but not least,
ART 9, which explores “Contemporary” art from the 1920’s to… well, yesterday!

These are academic courses that yes, require critical thinking and writing, but which offer so much more in knowledge and experience that will (seriously) change the way you look at art, history and yourself. Oh yes, these courses do satisfy one of the Humanities requirements necessary to graduate at LMC or transfer to University of California or California State Universities. Not bad, huh? Bacon and eggs!


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