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Ken Alexander and Art History+blogs

Here's the deal. Ken Alexander, the Art Department chair (Humanities chair too, but I won't get into that.) is a brilliant teacher and a true student of Art History. But the whole internet/blog thing... well, let's just say if it wasn't in the Renaissance, it may be outside his realm of expertise.

But, he's trying. He just gave me this to post. Sure, it's just kind of an ad, and doesn't have a drop of the required snark a good blog posts needs, but he's trying, and that's what's important. So let's all be encouraging, OK?

What is Art History?
Funny you should ask… I was just thinking about that. Art, plus history! Whoa! That must be it. Like bacon and eggs, you could eat them separately, but they’re so much better together. The Art Department at LMC offers art history of course… we couldn’t show our faces to other community colleges if we didn’t. Unlike many of them though, we don’t jam, cram and slam big chunks of art and history into one or t…

Faculty Field Trip

Eva Gonzales poster, originally uploaded by losmedanosart. The Art faculty doesn't just make students go look at art, they go themselves. In September they went to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to see the Women Impressionists show (thumbs up), and to the deYoung to see the Chihuly glass exhibit (thumbs sideways.) It turns out that they can't agree on much, but they at least found a Mediterranean restaurant they all liked.

Fall 08 Faculty Art Show

September 4 through 26. Art, art and more art! Check out the work of the instructors you know and get to see the examples by our new Art faculty.

Rosalie Cassell's painting

Hello Fall 2008

For your educational pleasure the LMC Art Department has added three new talented instructors.

Mckenzy Germain is teaching animation

David Tallitsch is teaching painting. He isn't even close to as harsh as this photo makes him look.

Roger Yee is teaching ceramics. That's clay and pots and sculpture for you non-ceramicists.