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Photo of the semester Fall 2009

Hannah Hilgers shot this for the Intro to Digital Photography class. Her fellow students voted it the best photo of the semester. Find out more about photo classes at LMC on this page.

Photoshop at LMC

Kevin Ohlin created this self portrait for his Photoshop class. Kevin says any future success he has in art, graphics or life in general will be because he took Photoshop at Los Medanos College. His instructor is looking forward to large alumni endowments, hopefully before he retires.

LMC has a Photoshop class every semester. If you are a photographer or a designer it would be plain silly not to know Photoshop. You should take this class as soon as possible.

Painting at LMC

Rosalie Cassell's painting classes have been working on long-term paintings. Emily Roasdo is working on a series of painting of her son. "I've learned a lot about color, and media I'd never used before" she says.

Todd McKinney painted a piece in a style he's been working on since summer. He says "Every Day is Halloween" is somehow related to his current hair style.

It might break

Brittle Wonders: Ceramic Art in the San Francisco Bay Area
Yep, the LMC gallery is featuring stuff that breaks. We don't want it to break, but it could. So be extra careful when you visit. It's worth it. The work is , as artists like to say (or at least used to like to say) "way cool."
From November 11 – December 10, 2009
The Art Gallery is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 12:30-2:30 PM and 6:30-8:30 PM.

Day of the Dead in gallery

The Los Medanos College Art Gallery will hosts Unforgettable/Inolvidable from October 6 – November 5, 2009. This exhibition is a celebration of the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, and is in observance of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Jacobo Angles Ojeda

Keeping art in perspective

David Tallitsch's drawing class ducked out into the highly geometric halls of LMC to work on perspective drawing. There wasn't a curved piece of concrete in sight.

Florence with an LMC Art Instructor.

Here's you chance to go study in Florence, Italy with LMC's Ken Alexander. Earn transferable GE units in Italy instead of Pittsburg. It's an amazing opportunity. Check out Ken's website and learn all about the study abroad program for Spring 2010.

Art faculty show 2009

The Los Medanos College Art Gallery is filled with the Art from the LMC Faculty from September 1 - October 1, 2009. The show features the work of Curtis Corlew, who teaches photography and computer graphics, Ken Alexander, the department head and professor of art history and design, Rosalie Cassell and David Tallitsch who teach drawing and painting, Rebecca Talley, graphic design instructor, McKenzy Germain from computer animation, Bill Leach, the cartooning dude, Roger Yee teaches who teaches ceramics, and Lucy Snow who teaches ceramics and 3-D design. Work displayed will include ceramics, painting, drawing, and design, and it's pretty darn cool.

The Los Medanos Art Gallery is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 12:30-2:30 PM and 6:30-8:30 PM.

Art department in new temp home

The Art Department has moved to new digs. If you're looking for your art classes, we may have hidden them from you.

The ceramics and sculpture classroom has moved to the old Graphic Arts building. Professor Lucy Snow has been busy readying the kilns and getting the workspace ready. It is located to the northwest of the current Child Study Center, hidden behind a green fence.

Graphics has moved to what was the old Reading & Writing Center. That's right, room CC2-265: the large, but hidden, classroom on level CC 2. But the best part is that we have brand shiny new iMac computers with 24-inch screens and the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. We even have a few new chairs! It a wonderful new space.

Painting and drawing are also next door, as are offices for professors Ken Alexander, Lucy Snow and Curtis Corlew.

But don't write any of this in ink as this is only temporary! In about three semesters (Spring 2011), we'll all be moving back to our sp…

Technocolor Parade

Technocolor Parade, originally uploaded by losmedanosart. LMC's Fourth Annual High School Student Show is hanging in the gallery through March. Winners include:Pristine Fermin of Heritage High School for best drawing. (above image)Contessa McNab of Antioch High for best paintingDaniel Salcedo of Freedom for best graphic designCharles Haiman of Freedom for best photographyMichael Long of Heritage for best cermaics/3/DJuror's award to Therese Hockel of Heritage for her drawing.

Big fun was had at the opening, there was lots of food and laughter.
Congrats to everyone!