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Meet Rebecca

Meet Rebecca Talley, Los Medanos College 2-D Design, Marketing Communication and Adobe Illustrator instructor.

As a working professional Rebecca brings her real-world marketing and design experience to LMC. Her 2D design class produces some of the departments most intriguing graphic work. Her Marketing Communication class uses assignments revolving contemporary political issues to fuel creative design solutions.

Rebecca's 2D design student Felipa C. Gonzalez won Best of Category and the Best of Show award in the art department's 2012 student exhibit. Click the slide show below to see the progression of images that won.

Wine bottle design 2012

It's wine label time in the LMC Photoshop class. We just make the labels, we don't drink the wine. But some of them are so good it makes me want to.
I used to do this in my Illustrator class, but doing it in Photoshop seems to work even better.
I propose a toast to our students.

Bike to Work Day 2012 posters

Los Medanos College Graphic Design students created these posters to encourage students to bike to LMC on the 2012 Bike to Work Day. OK, they also made them because it was an assignment, but they still did a swell job. Click above to see the slideshow, or click this to see it bigger and better, it's its own window.  And don't forget to ride your bike.

Winter break at the de Young

Over winter break professors Ken Alexander and Curtis Corlew managed to visit the de Young museum just like they are always asking their students to do. Except they didn't assign papers to themselves. They spent a lot of time viewing Masters of Venice: Renaissance Painters of Passion and Power from the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna and a moment in the Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Dolls and Masks show.

The guards kept saying "No photography allowed!" so they didn't make the photos shown here. They just imagined making them. Or something.

They give it all an enthusiastic thumbs up.