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Showing posts from December, 2009

Photo of the semester Fall 2009

Hannah Hilgers shot this for the Intro to Digital Photography class. Her fellow students voted it the best photo of the semester. Find out more about photo classes at LMC on this page.

Photoshop at LMC

Kevin Ohlin created this self portrait for his Photoshop class. Kevin says any future success he has in art, graphics or life in general will be because he took Photoshop at Los Medanos College. His instructor is looking forward to large alumni endowments, hopefully before he retires.

LMC has a Photoshop class every semester. If you are a photographer or a designer it would be plain silly not to know Photoshop. You should take this class as soon as possible.

Painting at LMC

Rosalie Cassell's painting classes have been working on long-term paintings. Emily Roasdo is working on a series of painting of her son. "I've learned a lot about color, and media I'd never used before" she says.

Todd McKinney painted a piece in a style he's been working on since summer. He says "Every Day is Halloween" is somehow related to his current hair style.