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Flood in the Art Department

Flood in the Art Department, originally uploaded by losmedanosart. Over the Thanksgiving break there was a water leak in the Art area. It covered the floors with 1" of water. It also got into the offices. They smell swell now. We have fans and heaters running. Art goes on. We will not be stopped!

Fake sign

This is a totally fake photoshop sign labeling the new gallery. We've requested, begged and been promised an actual sign like the cool metal one on the Library. Let the countdown begin! Guess how long until the actual sign is installed and win some swell, yet to be determined, award from the Art department.
To enter, just comment this post (See that little word down there? Where it says "Comments?" Click it!)
And don't forget to take our poll on the right side of the page.

Social climber

This isn't art, but it's about an art student. A climbing wall was erected in the middle of LMC as Nov 13 as part of a health fair the college hosted. Erica pretty much smacked down anyone who thought they could scale it faster than her. That's because art students are, well, the best.


Waxed, a new show featuring art at least partly created with wax, opened Wednesday, Nov. 7 in the new LMC Art Gallery inside the new Library. (New is the new new this year at LMC)
The large work in this photo, "Wall of Grids," created by Daniella Woolf, has over 300 small pieces made waxed strips of paper was designed specifically for the space in the gallery.
You'd better get there before Dec 6, because it all comes down then.
Got any good wax lines for us? Wax on, wax off? Waxing enthusiastic? Something about Brazil?

Illustrator class maps LMC

LMC Student Kelly McNamar created this map to LMC, the site of a fictitious UFO landing, as part of an assignment in her Illustrator class. Kelly wants you to know she's "Super awesome." Curtis wants you to know that you should check our schedule sign up for a graphics class next semester so you can be "super awesome" too.