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Honors Art 5 field trip to SF MOMA

The Friday before Halloween LMC's Honors Art 5, and a few extra honors students, passports in order and shots current, journeyed to SF's Museum of Modern Art. We saw works we'd only seen reproductions of, including Diego Rivera, Freda Kahlo, Mark Rothko, Clifford Still, Alexander Calder and many others. Robert Arneson's self portrait was hit with the students, who just had to make photos with it.

Everyone got back in one piece, so we're claiming the trip was a success.


Tony G., an LMC Photo II student, really wanted to try an old-time photo process. We settled on making a cyanotype, because the process doesn't require a darkroom. It does, however, require a large negative. We solved that problem by making one in Photoshop and printing it a transparency on our laser printer. Tony bought a commercial "sun print" kit and we went to work. Watching the image appear in water, then explode into blue when dipped in hydrogen peroxide was a blast.

It's almost like we're in 1840 again. I'm hoping this is just the start of a grand, continuing experiment.