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Exposed to art a for long time

fun with lights
The Photography Art 72 class made photos where they left the shutter open a long time in the dark then ran around and "painted" with flashlights. Their photos are delightful surprises, with light magically streaking across the frame or coming from nowhere to illuminate an object. Somehow it seems appropriately symmetricial that photographers who deal with light are had to deal with the darkness to make these photos.

You can see more "paint with light" photography (as well as some other assignments) in in this Flickr slideshow of class work.


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2D design values

closeup value assignment, originally uploaded by losmedanosart. This extreme detail is from Shelly Boyd's self portrait. Students in Dawn Black's 2D design class painted nine different values on separate pieces of paper, cut varied shapes and then assembled them into portraits. Shelly's whole piece is below. Click on it to see it at a larger size.

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The final project for LMC Photo II students is to create a book on a unified concept. These small posters are mock-ups — hung from string with extra-cute tiny clothespins on level 3 of the college complex— of the larger posters that might appear in bookstores promoting their self-published books.